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  • Make dreams come true

    Dear patient, welcome to health and beauty zone. PolmedTravel has been created from passion and love to people.We all have one home...

    Polmed Travel Team

  • Face lifting

    I had the best experience with this clinic. Everyone was very friendly and made sure I had all my questions answered and was comfortable. The doctor is amazing I was able to go back to my regular life with ease. After the bruising and swelling went down my face looked amazing! I feel about 20 years younger and everyone keeps telling me I look well rested and fresh faced.

    Margaret, USA

  • Friendly for You

    I had 5 procedures throughout my recovery the doctors, nurses and polmed were amazing! I would say the treatment as a patient was second to none! I would recommend always I'm healing really well results are looking better and better every day.

    Private, UK

  • Friendly for You

    I travelled to Wroclaw early January to have my surgery. Overall the process was smooth,efficient and the staff were absolutely lovely and made me feel at ease at all times. I was greeted at the airport by representatives of PolMedTravel, who not only took me to the clinic on multiple occasions but also to my hotel.

    Christopher, Australia.

  • Hair Transplantation

    It was nice and the staff was very nice to me I felt like I was in my home thank you

    Mouhamed, UK


Implants Are the elements that replaces the root of a tooth, possible to supplement the missing teet...



Check-up Dental serves to assess the oral cavity. Performed regularly every six months allows the ea...



Crown-root post In case of significant damage to the crown of the tooth with a healthy root preserve...


Fat filler

Fat filler is a very effective method used to eliminate wrinkles and furrows and lips shape and size...



Treatment designed to remove face and neck skin relaxation and wrinkles through the skin-lift. To ge...


Breast implants

Breast implants1. Breast implants are used to enlarge breast and improve its shape. It can be done b...



Blephoroplasty is a surgical treatment aiming at the eyelid and shadows under the eyes flobby skin r...


Tummy tuck

Tummy tuck is a procedure aiming at the flabby skin and adipose tissue removal from between ravel an...



Liposuction is a treatment modeling certain part of your body. Usually is performed to shape out par...


Arm lift

Arm lift procedure aiming at arms better look, often used with arm liposuction. Procedure performed...



Rhinoplasty - procedure aiming at the nose better look. This procedure is performed under general an...



Otoplasty is to remove protruding ear. This procedure's effect is permanent and with its natural loo...


Chin implant

aiming at the chin appearance improvement through placing implant in it. This procedure is performed...


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Thank you. You are wonderful!


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